Why would I need a web designer?


Today, you can find several make-your-own-website platforms (Wix, Weebly, Jimdo) that make it seem so easy that one might think – why would I need a web designer at all?

Most SMEs don't need an overly complicated website. But simple doesn't mean cheap and easy. A simple and professional looking website benefits from a professional touch that most of us don't possess in the design department (along with some -invisible to the eye- crucial technical details).

Let’s consider some facts why you, in fact, need a professional web designer:

Your story, well told

Hiring a professional web designer has more benefits than you getting a beautiful website. Most DIY sites look okay. No wow-effect but not especially bad either. Where they do lack is in how the content is presented and structured, this will make the messaging blurry or hard to understand for someone visiting your site. A website should be developed hand in hand with marketing goals – from presentation to storytelling.

Your time is well-spent elsewhere

The DIY website design and hosting platforms promise you easy turnkey solutions but they're actually programs that you'll need to learn along with terms like responsive design, SEO, browser compatibility, etc. Why waste your valuable time? Instead, let a professional designer do what he does best and concentrate growing your business?

SEO is a must

A website is only not what you see on your screen. Actually, more important things happen behind the scenes. A beautiful template will not do too much for you on Google search. You need someone to prepare your content with SEO in mind and have your site appear high on Google's search results. Another argument for hiring a professional web designer because this is precisely what he knows to do – from the start.

Results guaranteed

Wrapping it up –a professional web designer will make it faster, as it should be done from the start and it will be an investment with a return for you in the long term.

Simple as that, a well designed and functional website will convert into more customers and sales than one you have made yourself.

Panos Paraskevopoulos